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Surname Origin - Grannell to Reynolds
Tudor Fiants 1541-1602
1641 Depositions
Chronology of Grannell History 1065-1800
Griffith's Valuation 1853
UK census 1881
US census 1880

Moses Grannell, Kilmallock, Kilmallock, 1786-1864

Surname Origin - Grannell to Reynolds

Cathal Mór was the first of his clan to assume the surname of MacGrannell. He married the King of Conaught’s daughter and was Lord of Muinter Eolais for sixty-three years. The change in surname was first made during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. Thomas, ‘being the first in his family that left out the addition of Mac and instead of Rannell, called himself Reynolds, pursuant to an Act of Parliament, made in Queen Elizabeth’s reign.  .... more  top of document

Tudor Fiants

A study of the Tudor Fiants would help to establish the distribution of persons with the Grannell surname and their locations in 16th and early 17th century Ireland. The period under examination is one that saw the collapse of Gaelic culture in Ireland. The Tudor Fiants represent one of the first attempts by the English Administration to document this cultural and political change.   .... more  top of document

1641 Depositions

In 1641, the Grannells once again rose up in rebellion against the English. The Leitrim Grannell’s played a significant role in the rebellion.   .... more  top of document

Chronology fo Grannell History

A Chronology of Grannell History with Historical Notes, 1065 to 1800.   .... more    top of document

Griffith's Valuation Wexford 1853

The article contains a list of every Grannell household recorded in the 1853 Valuation of Ireland. Of the 30 Grannell households in the whole country, 24 are located in Co. Wexford.  .... more  top of document

UK census 1881

Grannell households recorded in the UK 1881 census.The following variations in the spelling of Grannell were found in the 1881 census Granel, Granell, Grannel and Granwell. There could be others. In the 1901 census I found these variations Grannells, Granalls and Grannall. I will use the Grannell version, as this is the most common version found in county Wexford today.   .... more  top of document

US Census 1880

Grannell households recorded in the US census of 1880.   .... more  top of document

Moses Grannell 1786-1864

This is the Moses Grannell of Griffiths Valuation 1853. Moses was also recorded in the 1830's Tithe Applotment Book for the townland of Kilmallock.   .... more  top of document