Grannell      Family History and Genealogy

Moses Grannell Kilmallock, Kilmallock 1786-1864

Griffith's Valuation 1853

This is the Moses Grannell mentioned in Griffiths Valuation first publishd in 1853. Moses was also recorded in the 1830's Tithe Applotment Book for the townland of Kilmallock.

Tithe Applotment Book 1830's

Moses was the occupier of Lot 3. I have traced a red line from Balysilla Bridge to Lot 3 on both Ordnance Survey maps featured below (1997 and 1841).

Ordnance Survey 1997 Ordnance Survey 1841

From this version of the Valuation Map it is difficult to say exactly which plot is Lot 3. Is it the lot at the end of the lane or the lot which contains the crossed number 8. Also I can not locate the house and office belonging to lot 3. To do this accurately you would need to consult the maps held in the Land Valuation Office, Irish Life Building, Abbey St., Dublin.

My current understanding is that Moses was the father of Michael Grannell who married Mary Bolger in Liverpool in 1848. Mary's father was John Bolger. Both parents are named on Michael and Mary's marraige certificate. This could be the John Bolger recorded in the Tithe Applotment Book for the townland of Kilmalock in 1833. John occupied Lot 8a. From the 1840 O/S map you can see that Lot 8a lies at the very end of the boreen I have marked in red.

In 1853 Lot 8a was occupied by Denis Bolger. Denis must be John Bolger's son and Mary Bolger's brother. From Griffith's Valuation we can see that Dennis Bolger has let the house on Lot8b to a Morgan Murphy. Lot8b was either John Bolger's house or Dennis's before his father's death sometime between the Tithe record and 1850.

I need more information to confirm the accuracy of this theory. It was typical of the times to marry someone from the same of nearby townland e.g Mogue Grannell (1843-1875) of Ballina Lower married Mary Cullen of Killesk. They were also neighbours. The descendants of Michael and Mary Grannell who married in 1848 are today still living in Liverpool.